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Circumambulating the Alchemical Mysterium

The effort to define alchemy to everyone’s satisfaction may well be impossible. On one hand, alchemy needs to be defined in a way that encapsulates the living breadth and depth of the world’s alchemical traditions. On the other hand, such a definition must also be internally consistent with the many specific, historically contingent (and at times contradictory) expressions of alchemy.

Anger is an Energy

Go to the window and look out at your street. Imagine the
alternatives to what you're seeing; where did the materials out there come from,
how could the ecology that created them and the people who made them be treated
better? How could the resources you're seeing be used more positively? Are you really
getting the most out of your time here? 

Enter the Jaguar

The monumental ruins of Chavín de Huantar in the Peruvian Andes, are, officially, a mystery. The vast, ruined granite and sandstone site seems to have been neither a city nor a military structure, but a temple complex constructed for unknown ritual purposes by a culture which had vanished long before written sources appeared.

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