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Idun and the Apples

Our Relationship to the Great Mother

A new age of peace, an age of veneration and caring for our great and nurturing Mother Earth is on its way. This rebirth was predicted by the ancient Nordic gods and goddesses at the time of the final battle, Ragnarǫk, with the rebirth of the gentle and compassionate Baldr.

Hopetoun falls

A Different View: Relationships, Order & Process

What’s an evolutionary view that values our felt sense of process? What is a view of the natural world that does not demonize humanity for arriving on the earth’s crust and yet feels the weight of urgency to radically awaken so we can respond to the cry of our times?


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Character and the Enneagram: The Yoga of Relationship

At various times in our
history, oracular, archetypal systems such as the Tarot, Astrology, the I Ching, and Norse Runes have emerged out of various
cultures. Within the last forty years, the discovery of a different group of archetypes has emerged — the…


Stimulus Package for Relationships

Real human face-to-face interaction affects everything from thinking skills to maintaining a healthy immune system. Now more than ever we need to teach and learn that real-time, real life relationships are the priority. Life is a social event, not a virtual one.