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Chasing Demons In The Night

As ayahuasca ceremonies go, it is one of the stranger ones, a night of ferocity, shrieking, madness, gallons of water splashed all over the place, exhausted helpers having performed yeoman’s duty, the rest of us relieved when Yuri’s screams have subsided and the storm around him has died down.

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Speaking With Nature: Black Bear

Many of us know that awesome feeling in the presence of a large, wild creature of nature. In musing with Black Bear, the sacred feminine reveals, “This primal force is who you are.”

The Shamanic Truth of Evil Spirits

The Shamanic Truth of Evil Spirits

Perhaps you do not believe in evil spirits. Why should you? I’ve been a shamanic healer and teacher for many years, but even I didn’t really believe in their existence. Well, this all changed quite abruptly when I was forced to believe and to find the tools I needed to fight back.


Seeking the Illuminated Body

The journey
to enlightenment and unitary consciousness is a long one. Why is the road so uninviting
and fraught with obstacles where so few seem to have reached the other side,
much less have attained an illuminated body? Might we be holding out because the other
side does not quite live up to our idea of enlightenment?


Dick’s Shamanic Healing

[Must Not Sleep] • "My mouth touching his chest, I started sucking out the garbage trapped in his heart. I sucked out one image after another and spat them into space until finally nothing remained." The final episode of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.

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