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For Immediate Release: Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York

For Immediate Release: DARK TALES FROM ELDER REGIONS: NEW YORK– (Myth Ink Books; On Sale November 23rd 2014 Trade Paperback, 398 pgs, 19 Stories, 20 Illustrations, Color Cover, B/W Internal Illustrations $24.95, $23.70 on, with contributions by Award Winning, Best Selling Authors and is an all new annual anthology to focus on a different…

Release Exile Nation

"The Exile Nation Project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs" will be released on April 2nd. Help arrange a screening in your city. [Video]

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Russia Releases UFO Records

The Russian Navy has declassified UFO records for the first time, revealing a treasure trove of fascinating new information about UFO encounters.

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