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Living in Dangerous Times

I consider television, and most recently the development of social media, to be the most powerful mind-control ‘drugs’ that have yet been developed, with their effectiveness at influencing and controlling docile (and often legally sedated) populations unparalleled in human history.

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The Lid is Off

It is getting harder to keep a secret these days. The collective shadow of our society, once safely relegated to the dark basement of the unmentionable, is now exposed to daylight, forcing us to face our contradictions.


“Sharing” and the Surveillance Society

The Puritans seem to be gone now, but their surveillance society has intensified. The forced confession of sins before the assembled
community has become the compulsion to self-report, hourly; anyone who does
not is viewed with suspicion.


Love Magic & Holy Death: A Conversation with Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut

With Her many devotees among society's dispossessed, Santa Muerte, Saint or Holy
Death, has
drawn the ire of orthodoxies both religious and legal. Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut's new book is one of the first academic studies in
English of this complex and controversial figure. He was kind enough to provide some insight into this fast
growing devotional tradition.


The Batman Shootings and Crossover Effects

Some movies that have high
access to the contents of the collective unconscious are "window zones"
or portals between realms, and weird and uncanny things happen in their
wake. Particularly, movies about dark, occult things have a long
history of these crossover effects.

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Yarindin: Healing the Warriors

Many indigenous healing rites begin with a prayer dedicating the healing to all people. When one person heals, a way, a camino, is opened for others to heal the same wound. In the upcoming documentary film Yarindin, a band of
warriors journey deep into the jungle to heal their souls, to heal war, with
indigenous plant medicine.


Intuition and Acupuncture

I had always dreamed of writing full time, but instead of being able to delve in with
complete focus, I developed a pattern of procrastination and
self-loathing. There was something missing. A voice was whispering, just beyond my
hearing. Then I had a cathartic realization
that there really are doors of perception.

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