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Uncork me, angel. Unfurl me. Release me and restore me and unleash me.
Not because I can't do it myself. Not because I'm just another
narcissism-addict jonesing for a quick fix. On the contrary. I'm the
most self-sufficient self-starter I've ever met.

Rising Researchers on the Psychedelic Horizon

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After nearly four decades, the aboveground study of psychedelics is opening up again. At next year's World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland, a new crop of “Rising Researchers” will present their work, spanning a wide range of disclipines. Founded by Tom Roberts, this program will bring these diverse, international researchers together – to share their findings, to offer mutual support, and to meet the psychedelic pioneers who paved the way.

What Do We Mean by Set and Setting?

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Discover the critical role of set and setting in the world of psychedelics. Explore how these factors profoundly influence the outcome of your journey.

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