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Zen and the Art of Losing Your Mind

Random thoughts rained down on me
like multi-colored confetti. It took a huge effort
to keep sitting and not storm off into the wilderness. I could feel toxic residues seeping from the
subconscious and was constantly in the churn of a great
battle, entirely within my own head till only the Witness remained at the edge of a swirling vortex.


Architectural Myopia: Designing for Industry, Not People

A culture based upon an abstract, disconnected
conception of space is re-shaping our world for the worse. A
parallel reality is replacing the living one. Architects have been commissioned to
destroy historic buildings and urban spaces worldwide. Such interventions are
praised by their promoters but are disastrous for the urban fabric. 


London’s Burning

I see on our streets is symptomatic of what's happening the world over;
an ever-increasing rage towards socio-economic injustice. It feels curiously inevitable. What is  lamentable is
that this is the only way these kids can articulate themselves.

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Souldish NYC: 7/30-8/15

This week on Souldish check out RS contributor Adam Elenbaas’s discussion about his newly released book, Fishers of Men: The Gospel of An Ayahuasca Vision Quest, CoSM’s Honoring the Divine Feminine and the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.


Shamanic Transference

To deny or distrust our own perceptions is to reject our authority as author of our own experience. It takes courage to stand for our experience when our perceptions are not validated by others. In not disassociating from our experience, we are on our way to becoming autonomous individuals.

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Souldish NYC: 11/20-26

This week's events on Souldish include a debate between Daniel Pinchbeck and Howard Bloom, an all-out, all-night art party at Seed, Rebirth's trippy Winter Wonderland, and The Money Fix screening and filmaker Q&A.

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The Schizophrenic Gatekeeper

Although I don't fully understand the complexities of the financial crisis, I am learning a lot about money. Each day between the hours of 10am and noon I am approached by 100 adult schizophrenics asking me for cash. I have to say yes or no, and how much. 

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