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Chimeras in Science

Chimeras in Science

Scientist are racing to create Chimeras, but are they moving too quickly? When the word chimera comes up in conversation, some envision snarled creatures that crawled out of Fullmetal Alchemist. Hybrids of human and animal, they defy the laws of nature and raise questions about humanity. The Greeks depicted the chimera as a monstrous creature …

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Aluna: A Message to Little Brother

Destroying a forest here, draining a swamp there might have dire consequences across the globe. The Kogi shamans cannot perform their work of maintaining the balance of nature much longer in the face of our depredations.

The No.1 Unknown Cause of Grey Hair

Did you know that the chemical make up of our bodies is directly responsible for how our hair looks and feels. Scientific studies have shown that our hair goes gray due to a depleting chemical in our bodies.


The Benefits of Living Food

Let’s start by addressing an incorrect assumption about food. It’s an assumption that was never really questioned until the twentieth century — that cooked food is a normal and natural part of a balanced diet.


Homage to the Creative Spirit

When humans are deprived of their power of expression, they express themselves in the drive for power. The divine creativity that fills the universe is now emerging within
the human psyche to creatively express itself into our world.

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High on Health: CBD in the Food Supply

CBD is a molecular component of the cannabis plant. If just 10% of what research doctors are now saying about CBD is true, then this is a discovery with significance similar in medical impact to the discovery of antibiotics. Soon you will hear doctors (not just cannabis physicians) advising their patients to “exercise, and get your CBD.”

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