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Ultimate Entrepreneur Norfolk Travel Guide

Village Place Car park is a waterfront park, your car place right the downtown area that serves various Pests and functions throughout every season including the well-known Harbor fest and the Bayou Boogaloo. A brand new vacation cruise incurable ended up b…

Crossroads: Literature and Healing in the Classroom

Where is the intersection between literature and healing? Between narrative and
neuroscience? Between writing and life? . . . It is a little like tracing the boundary of self, like scrying a mirror for distinctions
between mind and matter. What fearful, fitful relations exist between these sister terms?

Isis Aquarian — On the High Road With Father Yod

Isis Aquarian was right-hand woman to Father Yod, leader of the Source Family commune, an Aquarian community based in Hollywood and Hawaii in the 1970s. A contemporary resurgence
of interest in Aquarian community has led to a film. In this interview, Isis recounts her years with the Family.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 17, Summary and Roadmap (Pt.18)

The transition I map out is evolutionary. It
does not involve confiscation of property or the wholesale destruction of
present institutions, but their transformation. As the following summaries
describe, this transformation is under way already, or incipient in existing

Clearing the Road: Lessons from the Ancient Maya

I sincerely doubt there will be any peak moment of terrestrial catastrophe in connection with the passing of 13 pik (December 21, 2012). Yet I still feel compelled to scream out a warning. The natural world bestowed upon us by infinitely complex processes of creation, in many very real ways, is actually ending.

Broadcasting the Other

On January 8th, dozens of people in the small town of Stephenville, Texas witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the evening sky – intensely bright lights that many believe were a UFO. Yet stranger still was the media frenzy that followed. Is the sudden mainstream interest in UFOs a sign of something deeper emerging in the public consciousness?

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