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Pop Singer Ben Lee Comes out of “The Ayahuasca Closet”

In this interview, the ever-shape-shifting pop singer Ben Lee discusses his ambitious new album, "Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work," the spirituality of Fugazi shows, how chi gong practices changed his live performances, and why aya is “the perfect medicine for this time.”

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Holy Soul Jelly Roll

The Allen Ginsberg Estate is about to re-release in dowloadable format the most comprehensive audio collection the poet ever produced. Volumes have been written about Ginsberg's poetry, but nothing substantial has been written about the songs. Why not? Because poetry is "literature" subject to "literary criticism," and music is not?


Prophetic Stickers

I am a professional
bumper sticker writer. Of course, the great majority of the slogans I write never
find their way onto a bumper. Looking through my
slogan file yesterday, I noticed that I had unconsciously prophesied the Occupy
Wall Street movement.


Sacred Economics: Chapter 17, Summary and Roadmap (Pt.18)

The transition I map out is evolutionary. It
does not involve confiscation of property or the wholesale destruction of
present institutions, but their transformation. As the following summaries
describe, this transformation is under way already, or incipient in existing

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Sacred Economics: Chapter 9, “The Story of Value” (Pt. 10)

As our sojourn of separation comes to an end and we reunite
with nature, our attitude of human exceptionalism from the laws of nature is
ending as well. A new economic system is emerging that embodies the new human
identity of the connected self living in cocreative partnership with Earth.


Sacred Economics: Chapter 4, “The Trouble with Property” (Pt. 5)

The realization that property is theft usually incites
a rage and desire for vengeance against the thieves. Matters are not so simple. The owners of wealth play a role
that is created and necessitated by the great invisible stories of our
civilization that compel us to turn the world into property and money whether
we are aware of doing so or not.


More Optimistic Today Than Ever: A Talk with Pete Seeger

One of the world's quintessential activists, Pete Seeger has had an epic life, full of amazing contributions to our culture and politics. But he is also a modest soul, dedicated to getting audiences to join in and sing along at his performances. An inspiration to generations of musicians, I visited him just before his 90th birthday at his home overlooking the Hudson River.

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