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Mars Trine Jupiter

Mars is coming into a Trine with Jupiter as Jupiter moves into an opposition with Uranus. The sacred and revolutionary warrior archetype is blossoming out of the depths of collective unconscious.

Perilous Passage: An Artifact of The Third Mind

The Third Mind project, developed by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs, was aimed at the radical opening of consciousness — not only cutting up the Word, but pursuing
the Tibetan practise of CHÖD — the extreme cutting up of self, identity and
"true memory," and the immolation of "immutable" belief systems.

The Astrology of 2011

In 2010 I suffered from two intense 3-day fevers. One came at the Summer Solstice eclipse, during the time of the Cardinal Grand Cross, and the other just this past week at the Winter Solstice eclipse. Looking back at these events and their painful but ultimately beautiful effect on my life and the lives of my clients, friends and family, I feel well prepared for the Astrology of 2011.

Heart Yoga: My Story

As our practice deepens, we experience a vast expansion into
universal presence as well as the microscopic attention to the minutest
particles of the body. This fusion of universal consciousness with precise
cellular awareness is the door through which grace can enter. 

What is Economic Activism?

We need to be activists in the economy as well as in politics and the environment. We can use our money and skills to promote humanistic values on all levels of society.

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