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Indigo Kids

Indigos see, feel, and experience life differently than their
more mainstream counterparts. They are highly creativite and sensitive, and have fierce energy to channel. They can be a deeply powerful force for

What Is Sandy Telling Us? A Talk with John Perkins

"Mother Earth is sending us messages," says bestselling author and shamanic initiate John Perkins in this discussion about hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Is Sandy an isolated, freak weather event, as much mainstream media coverage would have you believe, or is it something more? 

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Hello, friends. This is Jackee Stang coming to you from the quarantine capital–Los Angeles. Hey, guess what? We are going to get through this. Let’s all take this as an opportunity to get to know ourselves, to sit in solitude or with each other spiritually, and allow this thing to pass on its own. Let’s learn …

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