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Georgia Comes into Her Power

[Must Not Sleep] • "A lot's gone down since we were separated from each other. For one thing, I came across a very dark project involving humanity's future. The person — or entity, I don't know what to call him — who's at the center of it is the one you called Papa." Episode 14 of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.


Fourth-Level Digital Dharma: The Broken Heart of Television

At the fourth level of the digital dharma path, values are held at the heart chakra. This center's work is to integrate the reality of life's
limitations with our dreams of a world of unconditional love. Out in the
Infosphere, these are the same polarities held for us by the medium of

Man-made objects that have been cast into space

In 1957, the Russian Sputnik 1 was to be the first ever satellite into space. Since then, the USA has more or less dominated the space race with various Apollo missions reaching the moon, not taking into accounts the conspiracy theories of course.

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Counterclockwise: When Biology Is Not Destiny

A recurring temptation in psychology is to consider the latest discovery as something final. What could possibly lie beyond mind-body unity? This attitude is deadly, particularly when we already possess the building blocks for a nonlocal view of consciousness


A Revolution in Consciousness

In the past few decades, we have witnessed an explosion of information
about death and the afterlife. This is one of many signs that the
human race is poised to enter a new era, a
revolution in consciousness. Death is not an end but rather a lifting out into that vast, knowing,
luminous Presence, in which all things thrive and are made possible.


CC-BY: A Step into the Belated Future

Copyright law now protects creative works for almost a
century. At the very least, copyright terms should be
drastically reduced. Of
course, the concept of revising creative compensation is based on the
presumption that we will still use monetary currency with inborn inflation in
the future. But a gradual transition would be better than picking up the pieces in a post-apocalyptic

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