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Riding the Blurry Borders

On a dark stretch of road outside of Chicago, in a town called Justice, Resurrection Mary introduced me to the ambiance of the phantom hitch-hiker.

The Original Captain Trips

Before Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…before Timothy Leary…before Ken Kesey’s band of Merry Pranksters and their Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests…before the dawn of the Grateful Dead, there was Alfred M. Hubbard: the Original Captain Trips.

The Mariner’s Rule

One of the things my readers ask me most often, in response to the ongoing decline and impending fall of modern industrial civilization, is what I suggest people ought to do about it all. It’s a valid question, and it deserves a serious answer.

Apocalypse NO

Rather than defining humanity as the destroyer of nature, the Anthropocene casts people in an affirmative, long-term role. It is neither about facing an ecological apocalypse, nor harking back to “the good old days.” It is about answering the question of what impact today’s population is having on the Earth in the years 2050, or 2500 or 25000.

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