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Beware the Meadow of Marvels

What follows is an excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, Love and Other Pranks: “It was a two-mile hike to the tree at the center of the meadow of marvels, and thoroughly distracting.”

Thrive: The Story is Wrong but the Spirit is Right

If there ever was an Illuminati orchestrating world events,
it has lost control. Today, the atmosphere among the financial elite fluctuates
between panic and resignation. They cannot be bothered to suppress all the information freely available on the Internet that is
accelerating the shift of consciousness away from separation and scarcity.

Two Agricultures, Not One

The way we produce food nowadays will be replaced by other ways that don't depend on mass infusions of nonrenewable resources. What makes it difficult for many people to factor them into a sense of the future is that the alternative methods don't look like industrial agriculture at all. 

CC-BY: A Step into the Belated Future

Copyright law now protects creative works for almost a
century. At the very least, copyright terms should be
drastically reduced. Of
course, the concept of revising creative compensation is based on the
presumption that we will still use monetary currency with inborn inflation in
the future. But a gradual transition would be better than picking up the pieces in a post-apocalyptic

What Now, America?

Is the Wall Street economic meltdown gearing us up for a food crisis? Or, will we find our way to a better world with values and nutrients as our arsenal?

Buy Nothing Day Dance

Celebrate this year's Buy Nothing Day with a "dance your debt away" extravaganza at Union Square, NYC. Also, check out the Ten Commandments of Buylessness.

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