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Transcending Online Road Rage

Perusing the comments sections
of two articles on
Reality Sandwich and Evolver,  I was struck by the abusive tone of
many commentators, a
tone I have encountered in other online forums. I refer to it as "road rage"
because there are parallels to vehicular aggression, which also
occurs in a dynamic, anonymous medium.

Psychedelics: The Trip from Criminality to Validity

Almost all native cultures have integrated psychedelic healing into their way of life. However, since the War on Drugs began in 1971 in response to the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, Western civilisation has turned its back on the idea that psychedelics could have any medical benefit.

Raw Magic: An Interview with Superfood Expert Kate Magic

Call me a hippie, but I've always had a vision of a better world. Of
people living in love peace and unity. And I believe that change begins
in ourselves, in our hearts. When I discovered raw foods, I knew I had
found a way to facilitate that change both in my own personal life, and
to influence others to make that change.  It's this vision that propels

Freely Speaking: A Talk with Ai Weiwei

I recently interviewed Chinese artist and social activist Ai Weiwei, whose dissident art has made him a target of the Chinese government. We discussed the importance of free expression, China's history, and why China's current system is failing.

Making Cities Smarter Than Their Bankers

The banking
system encircles and ensnares people, buildings and environments,
defining cities, credit-rating some higher, no matter their quality of
life, infrastructure buffers or exposure. This article explores technologies for smart cities to use the system
to better advantage, through more coherent measures, innovation policies
and incentives for livability.

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