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Artistic Independence and Social Media: Interview with DIY Multimedia Icon Jean Smith

Feminist multimedia artist, singer, and writer Jean Smith – best known as the singer in the iconic underground rock band Mecca Normal – quit her part time job to sell her paintings online. As she shares her latest paintings on Facebook, she allows her fans to follow the rapid evolution of her work. This is the second in a series of interviews with artists working through Facebook to reach audiences.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 14, The Social Dividend (Pt. 15)

Sacred Economics
envisions a world where people do things for love, not money. What would you do, freed from
slavery to money? What does your own life, your true life, look like?
Underneath the substitute lives we are paid to live, there is a real life, your

Social Intelligence

As consciousness expands, we perceive more reality.  As we see more, we are better informed about what we actually care about and what we honestly don't care for.  Unfettered expansion of consciousness evolves into conscience, a code that guides us according to our vision, not the unconscious dictates of inherited moral considerations.

Did Somebody Say Socialism? (No, strangely, nobody said that)

The contradictions in capitalism, and the cluelessness of the rulers in its decadent phase, have finally reached the height of absurdity with the current administration, so that now, the free marketeers in the White House are demanding that the congress enact socialism, right now, this week! Only they're not calling it that.

Peace Education

The main challenge for
peace educators is to become genuine examples to the children. When we have cultivated the art of being at peace, we will be able to
meet the children without judgment, without fear. Teaching thus becomes a spiritual issue, a process of

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