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Love Is the Solution to Being Human

An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, “Love and Other Pranks”: “Do you ever wonder if you are shadow puppets of some much larger theater of experience?” An unknown, unexpected, and terribly deep voice very suddenly resonated from the far corner of the screened patio.

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Two scenes from my dissolution

Rural Georgia, no sidewalks and ambiguous speed limits, the cars that pass come quick and careless, and I have 2 miles left to go to get to the nearest store, a gas station at the end of the street.

I Trust in the World

Love’s Evolution is My Resolution

Love's evolution is my resolution, my revolution, my solution. The time is now. 2012 is upon us. The beginning is here! It's time to come to our senses, and wake up! Listen — can you hear the
alarm bells ringing? Can you hear the cries of Mother Earth?

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Mushroom Gnosis: Simon Powell’s Psilocybin Solution

Practicing xenolinguist Diana Slattery writes about Simon Powell’s new book,"The Psilocybin Solution, The Role of Sacred Mushrooms in the Quest for Meaning," that concerns the ability of the psilocybin experience to deliver high-speed downloads; information transmission as communication with the Other; and especially, information delivered as a visual language of intense concentration.

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