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Speaking With Nature: Black Bear

Many of us know that awesome feeling in the presence of a large, wild creature of nature. In musing with Black Bear, the sacred feminine reveals, “This primal force is who you are.”


Freely Speaking: A Talk with Ai Weiwei

I recently interviewed Chinese artist and social activist Ai Weiwei, whose dissident art has made him a target of the Chinese government. We discussed the importance of free expression, China's history, and why China's current system is failing.

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Speaking in Pictures

New research reveals a complex system of language among dolphins that humans may be able to eventually learn and understand.

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Rupert Sheldrake Speaking in NYC

The biologist Rupert Sheldrake will be giving his talk, "Morphic Resonance, Collective Memory and Creative Evolution" tonight at the New York Open Center.

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Psychosynthesis: Speaking with Molly Young Brown

How to move toward wholeness, integrating or synthesizing all the parts of the personality to work harmoniously together – incorporating wisdom from Buddhism, yoga, and other Eastern philosophies; Western spiritual traditions, philosophy, and psychology; and the emerging field of ecopsychology.

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