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The Lore and Lure of Aleister Crowley: A Dialog

Nearly six decades since his passing, the famed occultist Aleister Crowley continues to fascinate. Reality Sandwich invited Gary Lachman and Tobias Churton, whose respective Crowley biographies were released this year, to discuss Crowley’s relevance today.

Who’s Tripping Who?

Psychedelic plants, fungi and animals can provide extremely valuable insights relating to life on this planet. Our species would be foolish to disregard these transformative agents that can be of benefit to ourselves, all life, and our long term future on this planet.

Consciousness Convergences: Deeper

  Reality Sandwich has published a good number of articles about transformational festivals and conscious conferences by some of the scene's most knowledgeable observers. Here is a selection of our favorites, along with a short list of recommended resources.   REALITY SANDWICH FEATURES  Myth, Ritual, and Revelry: A Talk with Damian Lazarus By ST Frequency …

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Festival Culture

A selection of the best articles on festival culture:

Dancing in the Cosmic Sweet Spot: Total Solar Eclipse Gatherings

The union of the Sun and the Moon is recurrent in philosophies and myths
world-wide. Realms of consciousness hidden to us in our daily lives are perfectly represented
by the corona of the Sun in union with the Moon. A total
solar eclipse signifies an alchemical exchange of phases
of consciousness, a peak
psychocultural experience, while a whole new social event has come into being as a highly specialised traveller phenomenon.

Left in the Dark: The Origins of our Species-Wide Insanity

When our ancient ancestors were ejected from the forest's womb-like protection that had hot housed our evolution, the neural system it nurtured was exposed to the kinds of hostile ecological and biochemical environments it had not encountered for millions of years. Since that time our brain has suffered a progressive and catastrophic failure in its development.

MA in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination

What is the connection between divination and parapsychology? Why is divination's mode of operation so alien to science, and rejected by mainstream religion? The MA programme in the cultural study of cosmology and divination at the University of Kent, Canterbury (UK) seeks to bridge the gulf between theory and practice in the study of divination.

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