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Saving Others

Evolutionary biology says we are genetically programed for individual survival. So when Wesley Autrey saw a man fall onto subway tracks in front of an approaching train, why did he leap down and cover the man's body with his own?

Horned Ball 7 0

A Horny Celebration

RS is proud to be a media sponsor of Kostume Kult's "infamous" Burning Man fundraiser – the 7th Annual Horned Ball. Fri, April 8, NYC.

A Tantrapic4Event 1

Souldish NYC: 12/10-17

This weeks events include ILLUMINATE, Ram Dass talking about the Heart, Krishna Das Kirtan, Rise and Shine party and a Burning Man collaborative temporary space.


Sounds for a New Society

This free mix from Sound Colour Vibration is a part of their ongoing effort to bring the best in psychedelic culture to the people.[Free Download]


Nostradamus and 2012

It's instructive to see how the 2012 prophecies have been
ma­nipulated by mass culture. Nearly all of the
2012 visionaries see the date as a harbinger of a new and enlightened
consciousness for humanity, but the wizards of televi­sion have transmogrified
this vision into something that looks very much like a fundamentalist's Last

tarot 1299

Souldish NYC: 11/20-26

This week's events on Souldish include a debate between Daniel Pinchbeck and Howard Bloom, an all-out, all-night art party at Seed, Rebirth's trippy Winter Wonderland, and The Money Fix screening and filmaker Q&A.

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