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Journey Through a Cosmic Portal: A Hypnogogic Experience

Like the mythical diving figure depicted on the Temple of the Descending God at the ancient ruins of Tulum, I found myself descending into a cosmic portal.  There's a worm hole, or serpent ladder at the core of the world, and at the brain's core, where the deepest and highest functions of our physiology involve union with the "afterlife," through the "other world." 

Three Types of Telepathy

In experiments dating back to the nineteenth century, scientists have validated two types of telepathy: instinctual, or feeling-based, telepathy and mental, or mind-to-mind, telepathy. There is another, higher type of telepathy called soul-to-soul, or spiritual telepathy.

The Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca is both a medicine and a visionary aid. You can employ ayahuasca for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repair, and you can engage with the power of ayahuasca for deeper insight and realization. If you consider attainment of knowledge in the broadest perspective, you can say that at all times, ayahuasca heals.

We Don’t Know: Reflections on the New Story Summit

What is exciting to me is the possibility that the NSS marks a transition into a different kind of gathering entirely, no longer a conference, but perhaps more like a festival or a retreat, or something that is all and none of these things, something new, something edgy, something experimental, something destined to succeed and to fail, and thereby to illuminate the next step beyond. What else can we hope for, as we explore this mapless place between stories?

Saving Others

Evolutionary biology says we are genetically programed for individual survival. So when Wesley Autrey saw a man fall onto subway tracks in front of an approaching train, why did he leap down and cover the man's body with his own?

The Cosmic Eternity System

We will never have a map for reality in the way we have Google
Earth. Reality as consciousness cannot be represented in reality as
matter. But that doesn't mean it is not real or "scientific." This is my
basic refrain.

Empowered Public Wisdom Rising from the Grassroots

How can we generate public
wisdom right at the grassroots, with people creating that capacity in their
communities whenever they want to? Can we get at least 80% of the quality of a
professionally organized face-to-face citizen deliberative council with far
less expense and effort — perhaps with smart use of the Internet?

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