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Are We Possessed?

Far from a thing of the past or an ignorant superstition, demonic possession and evil spells, in our technologically developed society, are an increasing danger. C. G. Jung has given us modern terms for these very real states, uriging us to make exorcizing ourselves "the most vital task of civilization."

Nepal’s Lost Horizon

I began a journey with Nepal and her people in 1993 and was straightaway humbled and magnetized by the culture, larger-than-life mythologies and warm-hearted hospitality.

Quantum Physics As Spiritual Path

Science is the wisdom tradition par excellence of our modern age. Quantum physics can be likened to a genuine spiritual path in that its study becomes a “royal road” beyond both physics and the physical dimension into the realm of metaphysics.

Duped by the Beast of War

War is really an epidemic of madness. It is an irrational phenomenon that can’t be stopped or controlled with rational arguments, for its source is the shared unconscious of humanity.

The Masters of Deception

Being in touch with our true nature acts as a sacred amulet or talisman,
shielding and protecting us from evil’s pernicious effects. We “defeat”
evil not by fighting against it but by getting in touch with the part of ourselves that is

What ho, Apothecary!

This article details the various
herbs, recipes and potions available to those seeking to modify their
reality. I will skip the standard drugs such as pot, coke, LSD, etc. not
because they don't belong here but because volumes have already been
written on those subjects. We will focus instead on drugs of a more
subtle variety, but also perhaps less familiar.

Dynamic Paradoxicalism: The Anti-ism ism

Dynamic paradoxicalism is my attempt to
create a meta-philosophy that is a counter to fundamentalist and absolutist
thought, which is nearly as common amongst New Agers and the Left as it is
amongst religious fundamentalists and the Right. 

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