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The Original Captain Trips

Before Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…before Timothy Leary…before Ken Kesey’s band of Merry Pranksters and their Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests…before the dawn of the Grateful Dead, there was Alfred M. Hubbard: the Original Captain Trips.

What Is The Best Feed System For Machining Bars?

Choosing the right feeder is one of the most important decisions that a shop responsible for machining bars can make. These feed systems help to improve productivity, throughput and quality – but in order to receive the most benefit from the system.

Biospherics: What Nature Does for Us

John Allen’s focus on Biosphere 2 was different from the mainstream. Typically, biological and ecological research is devoted to understanding the individual parts of systems, or even ecosystems. Allen wanted to know how the whole thing worked.

“Sharing” and the Surveillance Society

The Puritans seem to be gone now, but their surveillance society has intensified. The forced confession of sins before the assembled
community has become the compulsion to self-report, hourly; anyone who does
not is viewed with suspicion.

Streams of Deceit: Another Look at the NWO

If a leader declares war as the only
recourse, they cannot lead, for they do not hold life sacred within
their hearts. If a leader promotes the rapacious profiteering of a
very few at the expense of the many, they cannot lead, for they have
been corrupted by the rot of power-lust and aggrandizement.

Loss & Enlightenment at OWS

An OWS hero who has been supplying Zuccoti park with Wi-Fi from Day 1 of the occupation, loses his gear in the raid only to find a new outlook on the movement.

Our Double Nature

Overcoming duality is a critical step in achieving wholeness, but the mysteries of light and dark are complex and often elusive. The vision of Nature and the vision of Eros belong to the Affirmative Way. The vision of God belongs to the Negative Way.

Free Peter Aziz

[Action Alert] • Shaman Peter Aziz has been sentenced to 15 months in jail for using ayahusca in ceremonies–sign the petition for his release. 

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