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How is a “Spiritual Person” Supposed to Act?

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as spiritual progress.  Like
anything else, as you practice, you get better at it in terms of observable changes to the mind. If you do the work, it happens at its own
pace.  You can't rush it, but you needn't supervise it either. 

Art in a Pandemic

Art in a Pandemic

Delic has partnered with celebrated artist Peter Schuyff to create wildly expressive pullover masks. Read our interview with Peter Schuyff.

Trippy Talk: Preaching The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel (TMG) is a cavalcade of psychedelic visual and audio experiences. Duncan Trussell introduces us to the wild world of his stream of consciousness podcast… sorry… spacecast. Created by Pendelton Ward (Adventure Time) & Duncan Trussell, The Midnight Gospel brings viewers the life of a pink humanoid protagonist named Clancy (voiced by Duncan Trussell). Clancy hosts a spacecast where he uploads interviews …

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