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RS Featured Image Dreams that Warn of Breast Cancer

The Long and Winding Road to Good Sex

Over the years, my sexuality has changed and changed and changed again. Sometimes it does get weird, in a delightful way. When I greet sex with openness and acceptance, the possibilities are endless.

DrWiAw low res 11

Lucid Dreaming Machines

The first lucid-dream machine was created in 1983 by English psychologist Keith Hearne, and there have been numerous attempts to create similar devices since then.

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Semaya: A New Synergy With Music

Semaya, the newly released video from the Musichuk Recording Label, artfully weaves startling and extremely rare images of the Kataragama tribe in southern Sri Lanka alongside electronic music that is matched carefully to the ceremonial tenor.


Enchantment, Post Halloween

This year’s calendar juxtaposes the treat, Halloween, the most enchanted night of the year, with the most disenchanting, dickish trick of the year, daylight saving time, where government bureaucrats get to act like time lords…

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