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Never Trust a “Winner”

A person, like Trump, who needs to call themselves a “winner” is a weak and brittle narcissist with a two-dimensional mind that desperately needs others to be losers so that they can prop up their inflated, hollow self-esteem.


City of Refuge

These days, most of the popular media that address the future paint a fairly dismal picture of our possibilities. For me it is a writer’s responsibility to hold out some hope.


Prelude to the Metaphysics of Ping-Pong

One summer the philosopher of science Rupert Sheldrake and his family paid us a visit. I gave the two boys rackets: they were hooked. They now have a table of their own. Whenever we visit, we play for hours. Eventually, we realized what was intriguing us: the fact that ping-pong is
strikingly non-Euclidean.

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Exploring the Mystery of Hands-on Healing

"I became interested in hands-on healing from the vantage point of a skeptic —  someone who doesn't know the answer. I still don't know why some
people heal. If they were a believer in this healing stuff, it tended to take
longer to heal than if they were a skeptic."
–In this interview, sociologist William Bengston discusses his decades of research in hands-on healing.


Crafting Your Business Values

Your work expresses who you are. Your vision is the big picture of
your business and your life. Crafting your values is step one is running a business.


The Limits of the Limiting: The Failed Suicide of Philosophy

Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it. And the children of Israel shall walk upon dry ground in the midst of the sea…. Pharaoh and his armies drowned in the flood of material existence and unassimilated sense-perception, not so much through a want of piety as through a lack of philosophy. Jesus would later walk on similar waters, as did such of his disciples as understood the significance of the act. This art was lost to later Christians at the same time that they severed their connection to Judaism.

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