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Travels With My Aunt: Part I

When I was 21, I met Allen Ginsberg. We worked and traveled together for 21 years
after that. This is the first part of a memoir-in-progress.

Disturbing Definitions: On Roots

Disturbing Definitions: On Roots

Psychedelics may help people get to the “roots” of their problems–but what does that mean? This essay explores the meanings of roots, and where they take us.

Bots and Familiars: An Interview with Heather D. Freeman

Back in the day, people feared that grandmama might fall victim to a familiar masquerading as a cat or fly. Now, we fear that grandma will fall prey to fake news or a scam spread by a bot. Familiar Shapes, a documentary in production by Heather D. Freeman, explores surprising similarities between bots and familiars.

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