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Bots and Familiars: An Interview with Heather D. Freeman

Back in the day, people feared that grandmama might fall victim to a familiar masquerading as a cat or fly. Now, we fear that grandma will fall prey to fake news or a scam spread by a bot. Familiar Shapes, a documentary in production by Heather D. Freeman, explores surprising similarities between bots and familiars.

Biospherics: What Nature Does for Us

John Allen’s focus on Biosphere 2 was different from the mainstream. Typically, biological and ecological research is devoted to understanding the individual parts of systems, or even ecosystems. Allen wanted to know how the whole thing worked.

On the Edge of Life and Death: The Niños Santos Way

When I first encountered the mushrooms, I had
been taking antidepressants
for years. The mushrooms told me I was an addict and that the pills were toxic to
me. After
being hospitalized due to my reaction to Paxil at age 19, I decided the mushrooms were
right. Eventually, I met a Mazatec
grandmother who holds a Niños Santos lineage of curandisimo. 

Confessions of a Recession

On Easter Sunday I had a vision that it was time to quit my job. The Universe would provide. Sure enough another job arrived, but a month later I walked out. Now for the first time in my financial life I am unemployed and uncertain about my future, yet I know in my heart the pain I feel is the diminishment of an old way of life.  Part 2 in the series Meditations from the Medicine. Read Part 1 here.

Food and Global Warming: The Silent Treatment

I learned three things on my first trip to
Nashville, Tennessee: there is an entire museum devoted to Cooter
from the Duke's of Hazzard, don't
order the sushi, and number three, the meat industry is unfazed by public concern about the
livestock sector's impact on global warming

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