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How to Meditate

Meditation is easy and natural. We can make it difficult by trying too hard, having unrealistic expectations, or approaching it haphazardly, but at its core, meditation is simply being awake and aware — mindful.


Standing Rock: A Change of Heart

I am told by Native American friends active at Standing Rock that the elders are counseling the Water Protectors to undertake each action prayerfully and to stay off the warpath. I would like to explain why this advice is not only spiritually sound, but politically astute as well.

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Mutiny of the Soul, Revisited

Kelly Brogan’s book “A Mind of your Own” presents a devastating and well-referenced scientific case against the premises and practices of psychotropic medication. Her assessment: the drugs are worse than useless.


The Cycle of Terror

To build a society of safety and trust rather than security and
fear, we are going to have to act from the former rather than the
latter. I therefore offer a few modest proposals for how to respond to
the Boston bombing.


Tribalism in the Twenty-First Century

As a world consciousness we are on the first wave of the new era.  Looking back over major social transitions for the last two
millennia, this is the first time in history such a shift involves the entire world. We are united in the great collective unconscious, but that is now becoming increasingly the collective consciousness.