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What the Fuck Is This?

Once upon a time, the universe was sacred and unfathomable by simple
emanation. Humans accepted the operations of nature as the mirror and
counterpart to their own existence. Before quarks and
Big Bangs, they called it Spider Woman and Corn Mother. These are not fables; they are hard-won intuitions of something
before form.

Exile Nation Front Cover (RS Large) 30

Exile Nation: “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”

The author is approached by a spiritual teacher and healer who invites
him to the woods of Maine to hear an interesting proposition, after which he heads to Boston to lead the protest movement at the Democratic National Convention, and finds a city under military occupation.
We return to Boston for the explosive conclusion to the DNC protests,
and then journey back to Maine to decompress with Wolf, with unforseen

tattooed 400 surfer by Salma

Souldish NYC: Oct 16-22

This week's Souldish events include The Art of Ink, the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, The Importance of Being Wilde, Healthy Living Week at East West Living and much more!

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Pilgrimage to Nowhere

Like any half-literate member of the counterculture, I was theoretically part Buddhist. So I went to a Thai monastery to see what would happen sitting in silence day after day after day. Would I walk out of this spiritual boot camp slightly more realized, slightly more adult?

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