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Monsoon of Himalayan Mushroom Gravy

Crowds of Nepalese are caravanning to remote Himalayan meadowlands in the cool springtime after the snow melts. The aim is extracting one of the most precious commodities on earth: a fungus in the peculiar form of a caterpillar.

Beware the Meadow of Marvels

What follows is an excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, Love and Other Pranks: “It was a two-mile hike to the tree at the center of the meadow of marvels, and thoroughly distracting.”

Love is the Actor

An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, “Love and Other Pranks”: “Right, but there are different levels of acting.” Lila sat up and straddled him. “Maybe we act like life in all its sound and fury is really happening, but that’s different than acting like something that you’re not.”

Gods of the Waters: An Interview with a Shuar Shaman

An interview with Hilario Chiriap, a traditional Ecuadorian shaman from the Shuar tribe, where shamanism is traditionally characterized by rivalry and aggressive confrontations. However, Hilario considers it necessary to collaborate with as many shamans from different South American regions as possible.

The Reality Nervous System

We do not need to postulate a whole material universe outside of consciousness anymore. Empirical reality is merely the outside image – the external aspect – of the mental activity of a cosmic consciousness.

An Introduction to Landscape Theology

In 1836, Emerson declared “every natural fact is a symbol of some spiritual fact.” Harvard Divinity School’s foremost Talmudic scholar, Jon Levenson, makes a similar observation: “Geography is simply a visible form of theology.”

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