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British Web Habits

The British public love the Internet. In that respect they’re no different to any other countries in the world with the web now available to more people than ever before and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is persisting with his goal of “bringing the Internet …


The Astrology of Russell Brand Revisited

Last year I wrote an article entitled “The Astrology of Russell Brand” to make a case for why I felt Russell was an essential human for these times. It was an Eclipse window then, and it is now. Mercury was also about to go retrograde in Scorpio like it is now. Lots has changed since then for Russell, and for all of us.

weblike dark 385

Web of Intrigue

An unknown web-like growth has been found on racks of spent nuclear fuel assemblies.


The Unsung Intelligence of Life’s Web

The closer one examines
life the more apparent does natural intelligence become. Like brilliant ideas
and hypotheses made literal flesh in space and time, natural intelligence is
what you see when you look down a microscope at a cell. The genetic code is itself an expression of natural
intelligence. Codes are the hallmark of intelligent activity. Nature got there first. 

Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites

I caution people about going to a rave with a sketchy vibe and taking a boundary-dissolving substance. Unless you want to
internalize a carnival of lost souls it is probably unwise to blow yourself
wide open in a setting of trance-inducing music/lighting …


The Interwebs: Electronic Insanity and Mental Environmentalism

New technologies, particularly new communication technologies, have a
naturally occurring rewiring effect on thought and behavior. The Internet and the
psychosocial dysfunctions that accompany it seem to have crept
up on us all like a psych-brain virus with a decade-long
incubation cycle.

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