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Sacred Economics: Chapter 2, “The Illusion of Scarcity” (Pt. 3)

Why should money be the root of all evil? After all, the purpose of money is, at its most basic, simply to facilitate exchange — in other words, to connect human gifts with human needs. What power, what monstrous perversion, has turned money into the opposite: an agent of scarcity?
– The third installment from Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition.


Souldish NYC: 8/11-15

This week on Souldish, be sure to check out the Roots & Dub On The River Cruise, Psytrance lovers, Tekno Feel Ya and a garden walk with Kiana Love.  Also, coming soon in September, CoSM is holding a weekend retreat/celebration, Honoring the Divine Feminine.

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