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A Dynamic Reading from the Book of Enoch the Prophet

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(Check out As to the Watchers – A Dynamic Reading from the Book of Enoch the Prophet featuring Mr. Cal Bradley of Olgethorpe Country GAClick here)

In a new introduction written for Red Wheel Weiser’s recent edition of R.H. Charles’ 20th century translation of The Book of Enoch the Prophet, contemporary occultist Lon Milo DuQuette notes that he sees:
“The Book of Enoch the Prophet as being a remarkable and important work; not so much for what it says, but for what it is – and what it appears to be the sourcebook (or one of the sourcebooks) for those curious (or even unhealthy) aspects of Jewish, Christian, and Moslem doctrine that most of us mistakenly think came The Holy Bible; the concept of fallen angels, war in heaven, and the advent of the Messiah. While these doctrines are touched on in books of the Bible and the Koran, sacred literature that influenced its authors and translators (and put these legends into context) are found in other scriptures that for one reason or another did not make the canonical cut.”
Living for the past few years in rural Georgia has lead to vital opportunities to experience a world alive with the Enochian worldview. Spiritual warfare, exorcism and the presence of the miraculous in everyday life are unquestioned realities for many in the South.  The ‘curious aspects’ of the Abrahamic faiths that DuQuette mentions come alive in charismatic splendor against a landscape darkened by poverty, industrial agriculture, pockets of reclaimed wilderness and the decaying remnants of America’s history.
One of my initial forays into researching this domain is published in an article written for the United Academics Journal titled Satan’s Target: You Mind – Supernatural Living in the American Marketplace. This article details the surprising presence of practical Christian occultism in Walmart’s book section. Through promotional efforts of charismatic Christian publishing groups associated with the New Apostolic Reformation Walmart’s ‘Inspirational’ reading section has become a home for spiritual warfare manuals, deliverance ministry aids and books recounting Christian near death experiences, prophecies and visionary journeys. Finding them filling the racks at Walmart, it’s easy to look over the fact that the traditions outlined in these books provide a contemporary view of age old folk practices which are coming alive in alternate forms through an increased interest within the occult community on things such as Hoodoo, Conjure, and other African diaspora and traditional American forms of practice.
Inspiration from ongoing research in this area has led to a series of sound works that highlight the liminal aspects of the Southern U.S. through a series of dynamic readings from the Bible featuring the haunting intonations of Mr. Cal Bradley of Oglethorpe Country Georgia. Familiarity, as they say, breeds contempot, and the complex nature of Christianity is often overshadowed by the odd political intrigues of less savory usurpers of the faith. With these recordings it’s hoped that alternate avenues of engagement can be opened and a fresh take on Christianity can be illuminated for the culturally curious. A note written to accompany the ‘Cal Bradley presents…‘ project helps to explain his own particular participation:
Greetings Friend,
Grace, Mercy, Love and Peace, from him who is the first begotten from the Dead.
It is mighty humbling to be able to serve the Lord through releasing series of dramatic readings and recordings based on the sure, solid, and sanctified Word of God. I didn’t grow up singing and I’ve no pretensions to a mastery of song, but I’ll lay down my pride and pour my soul out to herald the power of the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit wills it to be. My hope is that many will find the worshipful freedom expressed in these meager offerings a joyful blessing during your sojourn in this world.
The sounds that accompany me may seem a bit harsh to some folks, but rest assured those shaky feelings a few of the recordings might cause are nothing compared to the fire that awaits the unredeemed. Fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and these recordings are meant to worshipfully evoke the dread and power of the Living God. Christ was crucified and the free flowing fountains of his precious blood are to us a saving grace. The nails that pierced his flesh were far sharper than any abrasive sound you might hear in these recordings.
God given peace is unshakeable, and, if you have ears to hear, eyes to see and a ready repentant heart, even the strangest encounters become an invitation from the Lamb. Follow the advice of Paul, pray ceaselessly, and listen as King David says with reverence:
Thy face Lord will I seek.
May the Lord bless you, keep you and may you someday enter into his sweet an d joyous rest. Even so, come lord Jesus.
Christ Born & in His Love,
1st of May, in the year of our Lord 2015
Oglethorpe County Georgia
While the texts used for the project itself necessarily focus on the ‘Bible only’ approach of Christian fundamentalism, I thought it would be fun to do a recording based on an extra-canonical book that has had a surprising influence on Western thought for centuries, the mysterious Book of Enoch the Prophet. The name Enoch in Hebrew is chanok, and relates to a root which means narrow, with associations of initiation and discipline. With this in mind, and with the help of a graciously given review copy of The Book of Enoch the Prophet from Red Wheel Weiser, Mr. Cal Bradley has recorded a soul shaking reading from the book that we’ve made available to initiate the “Cal Bradley Presents” series:
Along with the audio portion of the project we are also writing a short electronic pamphlet on the concept of ‘Experimental Eschatology’ which details the theoretical and contemplative considerations involved in the recordings. Many of these ideas that we cover are a continuation of deepening of concepts presented in the Evolver Learning Lab webinar series that I presented on the topic of Light, Sound and Vision and provide exciting new avenues for a ‘folk’ based contemplative approach. While we’re working on the pamphlet and finalizing the initial collections we’ve posted a few sample tracks from the upcoming series:
Worthy is the Lamb from the collection, Worthy is the Lamb – Further Dynamic Readings from the Book of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: CLICK HERE
Let God Arise from the collection, Return Unto Thy Rest – Psalm Recordings from Northeast Georgia: CLICK HERE.
Hope you enjoy this small taste of the ‘Cal Bradley Presents’ series, and I look forward to any feedback, suggestions or requests! For those interested in contacting Cal Bradley, he too welcomes your insights, and can be found on Twitter at: @apostles_sword.
Warm regards,
David B. Metcalfe
For more information on Red Wheel Weiser’s recent edition of The Book of Enoch the Prophet visit their webpage.

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