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A Psychedelic May Revolutionize Obesity Treatment

A Psychedelic May Revolutionize Obesity Treatment

Researchers at the Eleusis biotech facility may have finally unlocked the secret to ending the obesity crisis once and for all. The study is still far from conclusive, but the research team’s early findings about a psychedelic substance called (R)-DOI are enough to get the attention of scientists across the country as a potential obesity treatment.

(R)-DOI is short for (R)-2,5-Dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine. It hasn’t gained nearly as much traction as some other psychedelics even though it’s been around since the 1980’s. In the research community, it remained relatively unknown until 2015, when researchers found that it may prevent asthma in mice. (R)-DOI’s hallucinogenic effects are similar to LSD, but scientists are far more interested in its mind-blowing potential to treat common obesity-related complications.

New Hope for Obesity Symptoms

In May 2019, the Eleusis research team published a study which suggested that the psychedelic (R)-DOI could change the way we treat the symptoms of obesity.

The main complications of obesity are:

  • Aortal inflammation
  • Increased cholesterol levels (overall and HDL)
  • Diabetes

Currently, the treatment of diabetes and high cholesterol require different drugs. Also, a restricted diet is often necessary. Regardless, patients often find themselves swallowing a whole handful of pills on a daily basis, even though all their problems are caused by one thing: obesity. But, the study suggests that (R)-DOI could be the first-ever drug to tackle all these symptoms at once.

For the study, researchers fattened laboratory mice over the course of four months. Then, the researchers fed saline to one group, while the others received (R)-DOI. As expected, (R)-DOI reduced vascular inflammation in the group that received the (R)-DOI. What researchers did not expect to find was that cholesterol levels also decreased, and glucose tolerance increased, which led to improvement in diabetes. Thus, (R)-DOI could be a true game-changer for the millions of Americans suffering from obesity-related symptoms.

Will (R)-DOI Tackle America’s Major Obesity Problem?

According to Healthline, a whopping 36.5% of Americans are obese. Therefore, the results of this study and a possible obesity treatment could have a profound impact on many lives. Theoretically, an obese patient suffering from both diabetes and high cholesterol could take a “micro dose” of (R)-DOI, which would treat all their issues at once. And, the required dose would be so small that patients wouldn’t notice behavioral effects.

In the future, countless patients across the country may be fortunate enough to experience the benefits of (R)-DOI. But clinical trials can often take years, or even decades. Therefore, it will be a while before we know whether the findings are as revolutionary as they appear. MDMA was expedited however to Phase III trials due to their astounding results during Phase II. We hope that (R)-DOI has a similar fate if it proves to be that effective.

The Golden Age of Psychedelics is Just Beginning

Eleusis is a company that dedicates itself “…to unlocking the therapeutic potential of serotonin 2A receptor agonists, commonly referred to as psychedelics.” Lead Researcher Charles Nichols works alongside Shlomi Raz, Chairman and CEO, to explore the endless possibilities of psychedelics through research. Both of them strive to improve countless human lives around the world.

More and more initiatives such as Eleusis are gaining momentum as psychedelics continue to prove just how effective they are. John Hopkins opened the first center for Psychedelic Research. MDMA is currently in Phrase III clinical trials towards FDA approval. We are just beginning to tap into their potential benefits as an obesity treatment, and the range of conditions they may be able to help.

If you’re impressed by the unexpected findings of Eleusis’ research, you aren’t alone. We are living in an era when “psychedelic medicine” is finally being validated and explored. Companies like Eleusis are paving the way towards a better future that addresses medical conditions ethically and efficiently. An amazing discovery like (R)-DOI’s ability to increase insulin tolerance and decrease aortal inflammation is only the beginning.

Contributor | Erica Ciko Campbell

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