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A Retrospective for Transformational Artist, Poet & Writer Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

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“It’s only by diving deep into the unconscious that you bring up treasures.”
-Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld is an internationally recognized, award-winning transformational artist, poet, and writer who has been on the leading edge of consciousness culture for most of her adult life. 

She is also a known contemporary of visionary thinkers Terence McKenna, Laura Huxley, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, John Lilly and is featured with them in Mavericks of the Mind, a collection of in-depth conversations that explore such fascinating topics as the frontiers of consciousness exploration, how psychedelics effect creativity, the relationship between science and spirituality, lucid dreaming, quantum physics, morphic field theory, interspecies communication, chaos theory, and time travel.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 5.40.07 PM
Dionysian Splendor, by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

“Our passion lights a fire
flowering this desert
as we join the savannahs
of twinkling stars. “
-From The Divine Kiss

Greatly influenced by Chagall, Klimt, and Picasso and mystical poets such as Rumi, and authors such as Kazantzakis, Kleefeld’s higher purpose is to expand people’s consciousness through the divine union of poetry and painting. Whether it’s her transcendental and evocative play with the imagery of words or her abstract brush strokes and vibrant use of colors, she is inspired by the magnificence of nature, higher love and connection to spirit. Her work is never premeditated – It comes from the magic of what the mystery unfolds in the moment as she stands in front of her canvas or sits at her desk to write:

My art comes out of that suspended balance of expectation and reality… I strive to be in that moment of timelessness and write in a free associative way. There is great freedom in philosophical poetry. It opens your mind.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 5.41.33 PM
Cerulean Shorelines, by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld                             

A Rare Opportunity to Meet This Influential Artist

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, the Gallery at Ventana Inn in Big Sur, California, will hold a retrospective show for Ms. Kleefeld, in celebration of her life-long career and achievements. The show will feature 24 abstract paintings from the Artist’s private collection for the first time in over 20 years.

The opening reception will also feature Kleefeld reading a selection of her latest poetry, including poems from Kleefeld’s latest book, The Divine Kiss, a collection of poetry and paintings, which expresses the sacred merging of love into the realm of the Beloved, manifesting and celebrating the Divine. She will be accompanied by musician Martin Shears. To attend this special event, click here

Kleefeld will also be available to sign many of her other publications, including The Alchemy of Possibility: Reinventing Your Personal Mythology, a rich tapestry of philosophical prose, poetry, and visionary paintings, and Psyche of Mirrors: A Promenade of Portraits, of which the late Laura Archera Huxley writes, “In Psyche of Mirrors, we find ourselves traveling through portraits that open the gates to our experiential understanding and offer surprising paths to our complex and fantastic inner worlds.

Learn more about the Kleefeld Retrospective here.

More about Carolyn Mary Kleefeld:

A passion for creative expression and a lifelong fascination with spiritual transformation have ignited Carolyn to become an award-winning artist, poet, and writer. Born in Catford, England, Carolyn grew up in southern California, where she studied art and psychology at UCLA. In 1980 she moved to her cliff-side home high above the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California, where she studies, writes, and paints amidst the surrounding wilderness.

Her esteemed works of art can be found in the private collections of Ted Turner, the estate of Laura Archera Huxley, George & Peggy Ann DiCaprio, and the United Nations, as well as in galleries, museums, and other venues around the world, including The Dylan Thomas Theater in Swansea, Wales. Her books are also used in healing centers internationally.

Kleefeld is featured in university classes alongside other acclaimed writers such as Maya Angelou, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Aeronwy Thomas, and has influenced far reaches of the world with her nineteen books, many of which have been published in several languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Braille, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Romanian.

Visit her websites at and

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