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An Emotional Interlude 3.27.2015

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The Moon is in Cancer today, squaring the nodal axis of the Moon before moving into an opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus.

What to watch for:

* Concerns over beauty, spending, finances
* The heart reluctantly opening, then pouring and pouring
* A cross roads, hard decision, emotionally difficult choices
* Planning for the future, trying to make wise decisions
* Family/children/marriage wrapped up in difficult choices and patterns that need cleansing or healing
* The feeling of emotional fatigue or excitement, alternating
* Seeds planted in the past finally coming to fruition
* A cycle coming full circle
* Budgeting, structuring, supporting an idea or vision
* Moodiness and worry without clarity as to what’s causing it
* Separating ourselves from something creates a new beginning
* What we know we must do..the hand of fate making itself undeniably clear
* Rapid and powerful transformation across the board
* Negotiation or compromise at the outset of something
* Emotional rebirth
* A penetrating emotional experience, news, or insight
* Feeling afraid, incapable, worried we don’t have the strength for something

It’s the halfway point in our eclipse cycle, and with the Moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer we are being asked to include our emotional needs, or the needs of our family or close relationships, the “nesting” places in our lives, in the new directions taking shape. If we imagine that something is being born right now, then a simple question to ask ourselves is, “Am I carefully nurturing this process? Am I allowing myself to be the gentle animal presence, or the quiet shepherd watching the flock of these many vulnerable concerns?”

Prayer: Little lamb, who made thee? Dost thou know, who made thee? (William Blake)


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Image by courtesy of Sarah Macmillan  at creative commons image licensing

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