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Aquarian Uprising: Egypt, Austin, and Uranus Square Pluto


In recent columns I've discussed the building of catastrophic and transformational energies of the Uranus-Pluto square, lasting between 2010-2015, filled with dynamic tension. I mentioned the echoes of MLK Jr., Gandhi, but also more violent eras such as the French and American Revolutions and the 60's.

It is easy to feel the archetypal resonance of the French Revolution with the Egyptian revolution.  Gathered in "Liberation square," the number one request from the people is for Mubarak to step down.  The
escalating violence eerily recalls the French aristocracy taken to its guillotine grave.

And yet the people's movement, spurned by disenchanted youth (Uranus in Aries)
against totalitarian oppression (Pluto in Capricorn) has also seeded innovative
and collective creative spirit. A utopian environment, albeit a highly anxious one, has organically

Crime and sexual harassment, major problems in the country, are nowhere to be found.
Medical clinics have been set up, and art and music fill the streets. Protestors of the Coptic Christian faith held up crosses next to Muslims wielding the Koran in a mutual defiance of oppression.

In the transition between the ages, the Piscean faith systems will unite in an Aquarian surge for freedom and liberation for people from any governments or economic systems that are unjust.  The Aquarian insurgency fights against the shadow of the opposite sign Leo–the tyrannical, arrogant dictator.

When the Aquarian people begin to surge and pulse together in collective vision, they enliven the opposite sign of Leo. 

gives solar fuel to the artist within, filling individuals with supercharged
inspiration to ignite the flames of protest through creative acts.  This
includes turning the stones used to hurl at the police into works of art, like
giant hearts written with the words "Welcome to Freedom."

Egyptian protests broke out just as two fiery planetary giants met in the sky
— the Sun moved into a conjunction with Mars in the sign of Aquarius: the
radical visionary, the revolutionaries who fight for freedom, who unite in a
cause for liberated rights for all.

Aquarian revolution does not have a single leader, but more a massive
collective awakening, as we've seen in Egypt. 

internet, and cell phone technology, all ruled by Aquarius, are both the means
to gathering and the very area of battle.  In Egypt, as in Tunisia in
January and Iran in 2009, the revolution was organized through Facebook and

media has been used an innovative and creative tool not just for organizing,
but for giving practical advice.  One tweeter advised people how to wash
tear gas from one's face, and warned of people wearing contact lenses during
the protests.

from the initial days of protest were then used to rally people behind the more
massive protests of Friday the 3rd.  Other photos were scattered across
Flickr. Yet the Egyptian government shut down all services to the internet for
roughly five days as well as cell phone services.

is a trickster, and a challenging ally to rely upon in this upcoming era of
electric tension and sudden change, because as author Douglas Rushkoff recently
said, "The more dependent on them [social media] we become, the more
subservient we are to the corporations and governments that control them."

we are not exempt from this potential "Internet Kill Switch," with a
new bill in congress called the "Protecting Cyberspace as a National
Asset" Bill.  In the case of an "national emergency," the
president would have the ability to shut down the internet for a maximum of 120
days.   Who defines this "national emergency" that will
create something like a martial law against access to information?

This raises questions that will be some of the major political impulses of the
incoming Aquarian age, especially regarding censorship, privacy, and access to

symbol for Aquarius are the two waves of energy, representing the prana or chi
of life, and also the flow of information, which is why Aquarius is the sign
that rules technology.

Austin Meditation Flash Mob

the most striking images of all in Egypt were those of protestors kissing and
embracing soldiers, reminding each soldier of his own family and
friends.   The kiss and embrace are the most revolutionary of acts,
universal symbols of affection and basic human needs. This reminds us that love
conquers all, even in times of turmoil and transition.

energy occurs globally.  Thus, the same week the protests began in Egypt,
a flash mob of yogis of all ages descended upon the state capitol in Austin,
Texas.  They meditated outside the capitol and also gathered in a circle
around the central star of the building, chanting Om in resplendent
reverberation for twenty minutes. 

riveting video captures the meditators chanting, and the onlookers and state
officials watching in both shock and stillness.  The applause at the end
signifies the potential transformations in such a positive act.

is how we update and evolve the revolutionary pulse of the 60‘s and other
cathartic Uranus-Pluto cycles.  Can you see the headlines?
"Meditation and Yoga Take Over State Capitols"  All it takes is
a group on Facebook, a few clicks on Twitter, a few rideshares and bicycles,
and a humble daring: the willingness to sustain a vibration of love,
compassion, and unity.


Egypt and U.S. Horoscopes

The horoscope of modern Egypt is set for June 18, 1953 at 11:30pm GMT, Cairo.
The events in Egypt are a perfect example for what will be happening to those
nations, states, and cities, directly triggered by this Uranus-Pluto square,
and the other major alignments of this era. And yes, the U.S. is being hammered
by these alignments.

Egypt, Uranus has been squaring the Sun the last two years, exact now, forcing
intense change to national identity, and the people (Uranus) demanding an end
to oppressive leadership. A country's leader is represented by the Sun. The Sun
was also catalyzed by the recent eclipses which tend to result in political
shift. Uranus is also approaching a square to Mars this summer, and all of
2011, promising electroreactive energies. Meanwhile behemoth transformer Pluto
was opposing Mars all Summer and will be throughout 2011. Mars and Pluto always
portend explosive power struggles.

Pluto is the ultimate game-changer, though not as lighting quick as Uranus.

has slowly been revealing the ugly layers of the US, opposing many of the
country's planets throughout the 2010's, including Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and
the Sun. Wow. There is much to say about Uranus in Aries, going through the
U.S. fourth house, but in a nutshell, the revolutionary, rebel, and freedom
fighter through the area related to home and roots leads us to vision many
insurgent and radical movements in the U.S. as well, from the spectrum of
peaceful to extremely violent. Uranus was in the fourth house during the
turbulent Great Depression and late 1840s and early 50's, immediately following
the Mexican-Amercian war and in the buildup to the Civil War.

a doubt the U.S. must shapeshift into a much different country by 2020.
Hopefully, peaceful resistance through yoga, meditation, music, and other
nonviolent means will guide the way to a new country.


Image by zeeveez, courtesy of Creative Commons license.

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