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Architecture of the Universe – Gabriel Cavazos on PBM2L

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We all want a sustainable world where everything we do helps the natural world, not destroy it. But do you know anybody actually doing something about it? In this episode, we talk with bio-design engineer Gabriel Cavazos about his project ARCOTU, short for Architecture of the Universe. He describes how his project uses Sacred Geometry principles in all of his designs as well as a new non-toxic construction material that could change the world as we know it.

In this episode we speak with bio-design engineer Gabriel Cavazos about creating a new paradigm of architecture he calls the Architecture of the Universe. We get into topics like sacred geometry, free energy and zero pollution and self-sustaining structures.

Gabriel “Jay” Cavazos is a bio design engineer and possesses over 30 years experience in construction design and land development. Gabriel is the CEO of CavCon Industries, the parent company to the innovative group that includes ARCOTU “Architecture of the Universe”.

Read more about him at!gabriel-jay-cavazos/c24dv

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