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Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly (Part Two): Whitley’s Onion

The desire to find a higher purpose is the same desire that draws people to join cults. If an
individual is more inclined to lead than to follow, he can start his own
following. Although Strieber's case is extreme, it is also typical. Patterns laid down in childhood by
trauma and neglect lurk beneath all such pursuits, spiritual, political,
artistic, sexual, or financial.

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The Serpent’s Promise: The Oldest Exchange of All

As we
seek to experience our primal/cosmic natures, the imagined solution may only be compounding
the problem. If the (ab)use of entheogens
were decimating our own individual "biospheres" and preventing us from having
full access to our faculties, this would exactly mirror the ways in which our
disconnection from the environment has affected the Earth's biosphere.

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Skywriters in Hades (Pt. 2)

The discovery of mirror neurons marks an Archimedean point (a God's eye
view) from which all human knowledge can now be rethought and all our
models of reality must be reformulated. The reason, in simple language,
is that mirror neurons present us with a solid scientific basis for
telepathy, and the existence of telepathy changes everything.

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Skywriters in Hades (Pt. 1)

Magic, shamanic trance, lucid dreaming, meditation, psychotropic plant use, and writing are all ways to remember how we tricked ourselves into getting lost in a language-based reality construct. By adapting our consciousness to accomodate unfamiliar brain states, we can "write" a more cohesive narrative of reality.

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