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Alberto Villoldo

An Introduction to One Spirit Medicine

I first encountered these practices many years ago, during my fieldwork in the Amazon and the Andes. But these traditional practices are being confirmed today by what we’re learning about the body and the brain.

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Fasting enhances detoxification, reduces inflammation, and increases production of antioxidants. It targets the feminine
DNA of mitochondria improving energy production, brain function, and clarity, and accesses healing feminine energy.

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Shamanic Ecstasy

Shamanic medicine awakens you to the invisible world of energy where everything is intertwined, an entangled Universe where every thought you have impacts every molecule in the cosmos, including every cell in your body.

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Homo Luminous: The New Human

Many prophesies in the indigenous world speak of this time in human history as a period of great transformation.
Through this process, a new human is emerging on the earth: “homo luminous.” It is for us to take that quantum leap into who we are becoming. We can become homo luminous in our lifetime.

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Jaguar Medicine

During my years traipsing around the Amazon, I had the opportunity to study with shamans and healers. Some were masters who worked with the ayahuasca vine. One of them, don Ramon, during his nighttime healing ceremonies, would load his pipe with jungle tobacco and turn to a patient and "sing his jaguar down from the tree."

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