Brian George

Eshu and Ananse: Liberation by Subversive Knowledge

Since he
exists at a perpetual beginning, it is possible that for the trickster no
initiation is complete. Humans must be shaken out of ego-bound myopia. Centered but open
to fresh energies from the bush, society must be provoked to reinvent the

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The Vanguard of a Perpetual Revolution

How is it possible for so many well intentioned people to not see that Barack Obama is just another actor — a kinder and gentler apologist for Wall Street and closet advocate for the Military-Industrial Complex? How is it possible that, in the 1960s, GE didn't realize that there might be earthquakes in an earthquake zone?

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On the Dangerousness of the Zero

It is not a question of figuring out this or that; we must instead let go of our every preconception. The New Human will then improvise a new set of laws for Supernature, which every cosmonaut will be free to follow or to disregard, as he/ she chooses.

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Birds of a Feather and the Playthings of the 12

Just as every human may have one or more animal forms, so too every animal may have one or more humanoid forms. "Therianthropes," or "man-animals," are some of the oldest images in the history of art. In some cases these figures are clearly shamans, who have undergone a transformation. In other cases, they appear to be inter-dimensional beings. How can we read these images?


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Habits of the Heart

In the classic study Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life, the authors explore the ways in which contemporary Americans use private and public modes of thought to make sense of the world around them, even as that world is swept from under their feet.

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