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Charles Eisenstein

Mutiny of the Soul, Revisited

Kelly Brogan’s book “A Mind of your Own” presents a devastating and well-referenced scientific case against the premises and practices of psychotropic medication. Her assessment: the drugs are worse than useless.

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In a Rhino, Everything

Love violates the story of separation. Love is the expansion of self to include another, whose well-being becomes part of one’s own. The healing of our planet will not come without love for our planet.

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Grief and Carbon Reductionism

People are not going to be frightened into caring about the climate. Scientific predictions about what will happen 50 years in the future are not going to make us care enough. We need to face the reality of loss.

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Kind is the New Cool

Misogyny, racism, intolerance, bullying, homophobia, disrespect, unkindness — these are becoming the recessive gene now, at least among a significant subculture of young people. Nothing gives me more optimism for the future than this.

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Reflections on Damanhur (Part 1)

My impression of Damanhur is that it is one of the hotspots of miracles on earth. Unlike most metaphysical musings, the operating mythology of Damanhur is generating results.

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Aluna: A Message to Little Brother

Destroying a forest here, draining a swamp there might have dire consequences across the globe. The Kogi shamans cannot perform their work of maintaining the balance of nature much longer in the face of our depredations.

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Activism in the New Story

Play and celebration seem frivolous in the face of a relentless world-destroying machine that recognizes no logic but the logic of force. Shouldn’t that wait until we have something to celebrate? I think it is quite the opposite.

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Imagine a 3-D World

Film, television, and video games pack in as much fast-paced, loud, intense action in a minute as real life does in a week. The nervous system, conditioned to such intense stimuli, becomes uncomfortable in the presence of the slow, the quiet, and the natural. As Lao-tau said, “Colors blind the eyes, sounds deafen the ears, flavors spoil the palate.”

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