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Charles Eisenstein

A Neat Inversion

Perhaps we could look at acts of direct human-level compassion as complements to, not substitutes for, action on a social or political level.

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We Don’t Know: Reflections on the New Story Summit

What is exciting to me is the possibility that the NSS marks a transition into a different kind of gathering entirely, no longer a conference, but perhaps more like a festival or a retreat, or something that is all and none of these things, something new, something edgy, something experimental, something destined to succeed and to fail, and thereby to illuminate the next step beyond. What else can we hope for, as we explore this mapless place between stories?

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A Miracle in Scientific American

In the latest issue of Scientific American, Michael Shermer describes an amazing and beautiful synchronicity that happened the day of his wedding,That this spontaneous and numinous experience happened to one of the world’s most prominent debunkers of such experiences may, like the dot of yin in the fullness of yang, portend a fundamental transition.

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The End of War

In a more and more obviously interconnected age, the habit of war is becoming harder to sustain. Whether in politics, medicine, or our relationship to nature, the program of overcoming an enemy is less and less useful.

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Climate Change: The Bigger Picture

Our failure to adequately limit carbon emissions comes not because the movement is too radical, but because it is not radical enough to challenge the key narratives of our civilization that the movement itself embodies.

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Gateway drug, to what?

The steps in several states and countries toward cannabis legalization implies a release of the mentality of control: interdiction, punishment, and psychological conditioning.

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When the conscious mind cannot find a reason to say no, the unconscious says no in its own way. More and more of us cannot bear to stay in the “old normal” any longer.

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Bombs, Badguys, and the Brink of Peace

The media mantra of the moment is that Americans are "weary of war" after Iraq/Afghanistan, but perhaps what we are weary of is the whole concept of war, the mindset of war, and the worldview underlying the waging of war.

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