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Charles Eisenstein

The Cynic and the Boatbuilder

The cynic thinks that he is being practical and that the hopeful person is not. It is actually the other way around. Cynicism is paralyzing, while the naïve person tries what the cynic says is impossible and sometimes succeeds. 

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The Cycle of Terror

To build a society of safety and trust rather than security and
fear, we are going to have to act from the former rather than the
latter. I therefore offer a few modest proposals for how to respond to
the Boston bombing.

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TED: A Choice Point

Many of the ideas promulgated via TED erode the foundation of
what people consider normal or unchangeable. But as the recent
contretemps reveals, TED is still wedded to the old narrative in some
important ways.

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2013: The Space Between Stories

Every culture has a Story of the People to give meaning to the
world. We are
entering a new phase in the dissolution of our Story and of the edifice of civilization built on
top of it.
We do not have a new story yet. Here and there we see patterns emerging, but the new mythos has not yet emerged. We
will abide for a time in the space between stories.

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We Are Unlimited Potential: A Talk with Joseph Chilton Pearce

Last week I spoke with Joseph Chilton Pearce, an author who has had a big influence not only on my work, but on the way I have raised my children. A World War Two veteran, he could be considered one of the elders of the human potential movement. "We have an absolutely unlimited possibility within us, and an equal amount of self-imposed limitations. For every possibility, we have a self-imposed limitation."

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Money and the Divine Masculine

I recently attended a ceremony on "the healing of money." Immediately a vivid
image popped into my head of a man, vast and muscular, bound to the
earth with stakes and tethers, straining with every atom of his strength
to free himself and rise up. I knew that the man represented the divine masculine and his bonds were made of money.

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Sacred Economics: Chapter 23, A New Materialism (Pt. 24)

Most of this book has been about money, which is the usual subject of
“economics” today. On a deeper level, though, economics should be about things, specifically the things that human beings create, why they create them, who gets to use them, and how they circulate.

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Where Next for Occupy?

The occupations have served an
important purpose, but the time has come to direct the energy they have
awakened toward tangible goals. For too long, the left has mortgaged its soul to a dispirited, defeated
version of the practical. Society and the planet are in such a strait that the
old practical isn't enough. We need to think big — and then be practical.

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