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Charles Shaw

The Church of Random Rab

Every great movement has its sound, and every great epoch has its backing tracks. With his fourth album, Visurreal, the West Coast DJ and musical avatar crafts a masterpiece that captures the quintessence of the spiritual healing journey, by offering his own.

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Trailer from The Exile Nation Project

The Exile Nation Project:  An Oral History of the War on Drugs & the
American Criminal Justice System puts a human face on the US Government's 40 year, one trillion dollar social catastrophe.  Please join us at the Downtown Community TV Center for the New York premiere screening of The Exile Nation Project on Friday, May 6th.  

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Release Exile Nation

"The Exile Nation Project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs" will be released on April 2nd. Help arrange a screening in your city. [Video]

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Exile Nation: “Escape From New York”

The author moves on to New
York City for the 2004 Republican National Convention, participates in the
largest public demonstrations since the height of the Vietnam War, and
ends up mass-arrested and stuck in a prison camp with 2000 other
peaceful protestors.

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Exile Nation: “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”

The author is approached by a spiritual teacher and healer who invites
him to the woods of Maine to hear an interesting proposition, after which he heads to Boston to lead the protest movement at the Democratic National Convention, and finds a city under military occupation.
We return to Boston for the explosive conclusion to the DNC protests,
and then journey back to Maine to decompress with Wolf, with unforseen

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Light and Shadow Tour

Evolver's "Light & Shadow: Exploring Personal & Cultural Transformation" tour with Charles Shaw and Michael Garfield continues in Philadelphia (Nov. 8th) and NYC (Nov. 9th).  Join us for an evening of inspired storytelling, live music, and engaging conversation.

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