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Charles Shaw

A Glimpse of Unheard Voices

The Unheard Voices Project has just released a four-minute trailer of testimonies from prisoners and ex-offenders, family members, and notable experts on the far-ranging consequences of the American criminal justice system. [Video]

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Exile Nation: “Morpheus With A Mohawk”

The author befriends indie journalist and publisher Sander Hicks, who recounts the terrifying saga of Jim Hatfield, Vox, and George W. Bush, another truth odyssey that reveals the true nature of power, and the consequences of challenging those who wield it. Along the way, he discovers there is a serious field of study lurking behind the label of "conspiracy theory."

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Exile Nation: “I Know A Guy”

In this exclusive outtake, we are introduced to Guy Herron, a larger-than-life character to whom the book is dedicated, who baptized the author into the world of truth by shattering everything he thought he knew about his country and its history.

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Hearing Voices

A documentary project is seeking interviews and testimonials from drug-related offenders, ex-offenders and their families on the far ranging consequences of their criminal convictions.

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She’s a Lady

[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • In the years since I first was
brought to her, bent and broken, wanting to die, needing to exit the
pain of this world, I have struggled to express my appreciation and reverence for her, The Great
Mother, Aya Spirit, Gaia, Grandmother of All Creation. How can you properly thank that which gave you life, rebirth, a fresh

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