Chris Dierkes

Political Shamanism and the Subtle Energetics of Racism

The soul is the subtle field of relations. Souls can and do get ill. The white American soul has such an illness. It is bigger than any individual and, absent specific work to undo its patterning, affects every individual who belongs to that collective energetic reality.

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Wrong Yoda Was: The Force of Fear

We see in the original Jedi Code an acknowledgment of things like emotion, ignorance, passion, chaos, and death, yet they are to be transcended in order to maintain a state of peace, serenity, harmony, and oneness with the Force.

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Why Following Your Bliss is Bullshit

Once we pull back the veil and dissolve the illusory hype about following our bliss, we see that this whole arena of living our soul purpose, following our daemon, giving our talent and artistry, is a real gift of lasting value.

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