Diana Reed Slattery

Mushroom Gnosis: Simon Powell’s Psilocybin Solution

Practicing xenolinguist Diana Slattery writes about Simon Powell’s new book,"The Psilocybin Solution, The Role of Sacred Mushrooms in the Quest for Meaning," that concerns the ability of the psilocybin experience to deliver high-speed downloads; information transmission as communication with the Other; and especially, information delivered as a visual language of intense concentration.

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Conglanging: The Not-So-Secret Vice

Languages are disappearing faster even than butterflies – except in the conlang community. Conlanging (from constructed language) is obsessional, hermetic, prolix, and involves Deep Chops, combined with the spirit of play.

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Shifting to a Psychedelic World Culture

This year's World Psychedelic Forum was a massive, beautifully organized affair attended by more than 1,900 people from 37 countries. Topics ranged from cognitive enhancement to aesthetics and art, with speakers including Rick Doblin, Kathleen Harrison, and Dennis McKenna. [videos]

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Xenolinguistics: Aspects of Alien Art

Our natural language is simply too slow a software to carry the complexity, the simultaneity of multiple meanings, and the speed and quantity of cognitive connections among ideas and images that define the psychedelic state. Hence Xenolinguistics: the search for, creation and study of alien languages.

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Virtual Reality and Hallucination

Our understanding of what is or isn't "real" is being challenged, thanks to hyper-connectivity, hyper-conductivity, and processor speed. How is our personal sense of "reality" being transformed by new technological highs?

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Rising Researchers on the Psychedelic Horizon

After nearly four decades, the aboveground study of psychedelics is opening up again. At next year's World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland, a new crop of “Rising Researchers” will present their work, spanning a wide range of disclipines. Founded by Tom Roberts, this program will bring these diverse, international researchers together – to share their findings, to offer mutual support, and to meet the psychedelic pioneers who paved the way.

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